Wines of Australia

July 19, 2019 Off By Gloria Daniels
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Australia’s wine industry is one of the youngest on our planet. The first cultivated vine appeared here only at the end of the XIX century. But at the end of the twentieth century, Australian wines suddenly broke into the world market, hitting connoisseurs with surprising originality and quality.

For a long time, the participants in wine tours in Australia were only local gourmets, accompanied by flocks of kangaroos. Today, more and more people seek to see the distant continent and, combining business with pleasure, go on a wine tour of its best regions.

The vigorous development of viticulture and the expansion of plantations allowed the Australians to increase their output significantly. A significant contribution to the well-being of wine and made the latest achievements in the field of agriculture. The quality of Australian wine is invariably affected by ultra-hygienic modern production technologies.

Product features

Australia’s own style of wines cannot be confused with any other. All wines are frankly fruit, their aromas and aftertaste are structured by aging in oak barrels. At the same time, the price category of the absolute majority of Australian wines is quite democratic and allows the gourmet to buy such a product even of average income.

Many wines of Australia are blended, that is, they are made from grapes ripened in different regions of the country. Mixing the fruit is contrary to the European approach to winemaking, but the Australians believe that it is precisely in the careful selection and mixing of raw materials that the key to their success lies. The secrets of local winemakers guarantee a stable quality of wine year after year, regardless of weather or other conditions.

The main vineyards are concentrated in the southern part of the continent, where the climate is particularly mild. The card of the whole huge range of Australian wines is always a product from Syrah variety, exported from France. These fruits provide ample opportunities for creativity, and Australian winemakers prepare Syrah and light table wines, rich dessert, and vintage with red pepper on the palate. It makes Australian culture even richer.