What to bring from Australia

July 19, 2019 Off By Gloria Daniels
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The motherland of platypuses and kangaroos is a rather exotic place of recreation. Holidays in this country will be bright and unforgettable. And what to bring from Australia as a keepsake? Read about it below.

National clothes and household items

It is a crime to visit a country that differs from the native literally in everything, and not to buy anything to remind about the peculiarities of culture, traditions and life. One of the most popular Australian souvenirs is the boomerang. No other country in the world can find such a miracle. Previously, it was a device for hunting, which, when thrown, always comes back.

Now, this is a great original gift. First, it is not expensive. Secondly, it is very light and does not take up much space in the suitcase. Boomerangs of various sizes, from a key fob to an exclusive model, with ethnic patterns or carvings, can be found in almost every souvenir shop.

Cowboy hat will please the stronger sex. In the markets and shops in Australia, this headpiece is sold in a set with a storage bag. Typically, these hats are made of leather kangaroo, which makes them durable, flexible and waterproof. Girls and women are unlikely to be interested in hunting tools. Therefore, the fair sex is better to choose another gift. And in Australia, it will not be a problem:

  • Opal jewelry. There is the largest deposit of these gems in the world. The cost of jewelry, depending on color and size, can be quite high. Experienced travelers are advised to make such purchases in specialized stores in Melbourne or Sydney.
  • Uggs. Another Australian invention. In any mall, these shoes are sold all year round. A variety of colors and sizes will allow you to choose the appropriate option. Only in Australia, you can buy quality sheep wool ugg boots at a relatively small price. If buying expensive shoes is expensive, buy a key chain then.
  • Cosmetics. Emu and eucalyptus are also symbols of the southern continent. Cosmetic oils are considered to be excellent complex personal care products, as well as having healing properties.