Variety of religions

Variety of religions

March 3, 2020 Off By Gloria Daniels
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Similar to cultural diversity, Australia has a huge number of religions, beliefs, and confessions.

In Australia, in no case can you turn to people from the position of religious beliefs somehow: “Buddhist”, “Old Believer”, “Sigh” or something like that. There may be dire consequences for the speaker. Say: “Greek”, “Turks” or “Russian” – no one will be offended. In almost every quarter there are various churches, cathedrals, mosques, temples and other religious buildings. In any place of worship, you can freely enter, as in a museum. Do you want to pray – pray, went to see – please watch!

Recently, some classes of people have begun to cover up their immorality and lack of culture with “features of religion and belief.” It is deplorable when, with every attempt by the state to call some “Arab youngsters” to order, you hear in response: “We are being oppressed as Muslims.” It is a pity that some religious leaders call for hostility and violence, while remaining unpunished by the state. Sometimes Australia places too much emphasis on “imaginary religious concepts”, forgetting about public order.

However, so far no one has called for “beating the Jews – saving Australia.”

Democracy and freedom

The concept of “freedom” includes not only the meaning of “have not yet been sent to prison” – this is the freedom of movement and visa-free entry to almost any country in the world, this is the freedom to choose a religion, this is the opportunity to openly express your thoughts out loud, this is the opportunity to allow yourself to fulfill any your cherished desire.

Freedom is a lack of envy, a head free from thoughts about tomorrow, freedom is smiling people around, freedom is life for pleasure, and not according to the order of the Governor of the region!

Democracy – this is when they do not vote unanimously, this is when you do not get into the traffic jam due to the “passage of the prime minister’s motorcade”, this is when the “traffic cop” pays for his lunch on his own in a roadside cafe, this is when all disputes are resolved “by conversation, not a club, “when they don’t give a bribe, they pay taxes.

You understand this from the first steps taken on Australian soil. You can do anything, but within the framework of the Criminal Law. You can sleep in the park on the grass – the police will not even fit, you can walk in the shorts in the streets or “with a feather in your nose” – no one will pay attention … But you must buy a bus ticket MANDATOR

You can certainly go down to the level of Aboriginal or Arab teenagers, but a self-respecting person will not allow this.

Sexual freedom

Controversial issue in terms of contradictions before God!

However, from the point of view of the human “non-standard worldview”, all relations between people can take place.

It is clear that it’s hard to look at how human relations are developing against the laws of nature, but in Australia no one can ban it by force. Here, few people are interested in personal life.

Public life is on everyone’s lips and within the limits of criticism, but as soon as you quit your job, you become interesting only to yourself and, by force, one or two like you yourself. Whoever rubs your back in the shower, regularly or not, how do you spend your free time: alone, together, or at once the three, or the four – does not interest anyone. You can establish yourself in this field as you like, freely and without restrictions. The main thing is this: use condom and don’t be late for work.