Author: Gloria Daniels

Wines of Australia

Australia’s wine industry is one of the youngest on our planet. The first cultivated vine appeared here only at the end of the XIX century. But at the end of the twentieth century, Australian wines suddenly broke into the world market, hitting connoisseurs with surprising originality and quality. For a long time, the participants in…

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What to see in Australia

Australia is a unique country where the wonders of nature are almost everywhere. There are nineteen World Heritage Sites in Australia from UNESCO’s list. Among them, both natural and cultural attractions are included in this list. Great Barrier Reef The world’s largest coral reef. One of the natural wonders of the world (according to CNN).…

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What to bring from Australia

The motherland of platypuses and kangaroos is a rather exotic place of recreation. Holidays in this country will be bright and unforgettable. And what to bring from Australia as a keepsake? Read about it below. National clothes and household items It is a crime to visit a country that differs from the native literally in…

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